Response of cannabinoid hemp to light quantity and quality

Through the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) professors Ricardo Hernandez and Neil Mattson have been optimizing lighting of cannabinoid hemp in greenhouse supplemental and sole-source applications. Specific objectives […]

Panel: Small-Scale CEA Growers

GLASE 2023 Webinar Series Brian Harris, Hort Americas, Moderator Jeffrey Orkin, Greener Roots, Panelist Tyler Baras, Area 2 Farms, Panelist Bob Jones, The Chef’s Garden, Panelist Smaller-scale commercial greenhouses and […]

What is the impact of VPD on crop development?

Regardless of the type of controlled environment structure you grow in, maintaining the proper temperature and relative humidity are critical to producing a quality crop. Relative humidity refers to the […]

CEA and Combined Heat and Power: Perfect Together

Download presentation PDF here. GLASE 2023 Webinar Series Controlled Environment Agriculture is an energy intensive industry that can achieve many societal goals, though it requires significant energy resources for lighting, [...]

Plant Factory Innovations in Japan

In this webinar, Dr. Hayashi will introduce the technological features of plant factories and indoor vertical farms, discuss the economics of their resource use, and analyze the current situation of […]