Lighting Modulation for Targeted Enhancement in Food Quality, Nutrition, and Safety of Fresh Produce

Advancements in LED lighting have stimulated rapid industry growth in controlled environment agriculture (CEA). The flexibility to tune light spectra, intensity, and photoperiod has offered unprecedented opportunities to modulate plant growth and product quality and nutrition during primary production. LED lights are also poised to play an increasingly important role in the post-harvest arena, progressing from simple ambient lighting and visual enhancement in retail stores, to advancements in fresh produce quality, safety, and shelf life. In this webinar, Dr. Luo will share her research findings regarding LED light modulations for targeted enhancements in plant growth, sensorial quality, and bioactive compound accumulation in microgreens and baby greens during pre- and/or post-harvest operations. The use of a sequential application of organic acid and UV-C treatment for improved microbial reduction in process water will also be discussed