New CEA Research Programs in US

Join us at the young CEA professors' roundtable! During this conversation, followed by a Q&A section, you will have the opportunity to meet 6 young professors and learn more about their CEA research programs. Presented by: Dr. Kellie Walters (University of Tennessee) Dr. Qingwu Meng (University of Delaware) Dr. Yujing Park (Arizona State University) Dr. […]

Cultivate 2021

Location: Columbus, Ohio   AmericanHort will host Cultivate’21—the premier event for the entire horticulture industry—at the Greater Columbus Convention Center July 10-13, 2021. Cultivate is known to attract more than 10,000 industry professionals and visitors from all 50 states and over 30 countries.   Website here. Registration here.

Webinar: Optimizing Resource Use Efficiency in CEA System

Webinar presented by Murat Kacira from the University of Arizona An important factor affecting the profitability of vertical farming is a grower’s ability to consistently deliver a predictable product. To achieve this, growers must create an environment that supplies all the crop’s needs over its entire growth cycle by identifying and co-optimizing environmental variables such […]

ASHS Conference

Location: Denver Colorado   The American Society for Horticultural Science is holding their annual national conference in August as a hybrid virtual/in-person event. Each registrant may choose their participation. Two PhD students from Cornell will be presenting on lighting research.   Website is here. Registration is here.  

Webinar: Extended photosynthetically active radiation (ePAR): Evidence for the photosynthetic activity of far-red photons

The photosynthetic activity of far-red photons was discovered 70 years ago, but has largely been ignored since then. Recent research has drawn new attention to the importance of far-red photons. This short presentation will cover the history of research on photosynthetic responses to light spectrum, recent work on the importance of far-red photons, and a […]

2021 HortiCann Light + Tech Conference

The HortiCann Light + Tech Conference focuses on the latest advances in horticultural lighting. This annual event will be 100% virtual in 2021 and feature GLASE's own Erico Mattos as the host of the panel Voice from the Farm. HortiCann has led the way in transforming horticultural practices by connecting research and technology to growers around the […]

Indoor Ag-Con

Location: Orlando, Florida   Indoor Ag-Con is the premier event covering the technology of growing crops in indoor systems, using hydroponic, aeroponic and aquaponic techniques. Editions have featured keynotes from leaders in farming, supplier, technology, customer, government and academic sectors. The events unite growers, investors, chefs, tech geeks, produce buyers, academics, policymakers, industry suppliers and […]