CEA Research and Extension at Texas A&M AgriLife at Dallas

February 2022 GLASE Webinar by Dr. Genhua Niu, Professor at Texas A&M AgriLife at Dallas.

In response to the increasing interest in CEA, Texas A&M AgriLife Research at Dallas established the “Urban Controlled Environment Agriculture” (greenhouse, indoor farming, and high tunnel) program in 2019. Genhua Niu was relocated from El Paso Center to Dallas Center in September of 2019 to lead this program. Since then, Niu and her team has started research and extension activities in urban CEA. In this webinar, Niu will present her research on light spectrum and answer questions like: Does light spectrum matter for end-of-production supplemental lighting? Does light spectrum affect microgreen yield? Can we produce leafy greens year-round in greenhouses in warm climate like Texas? In addition, she will briefly introduce the CEA team and extension activities at Dallas.