Our Team

Neil Mattson, Ph.D.

GLASE Principal Investigator, Associate Professor, Cornell University

Dr. Neil Mattson, is associate professor in the School of Integrative Plant Science having joined Cornell University in 2007. He serves as a statewide greenhouse specialist with research and outreach programs focusing on the physiology of both vegetable and flower crops. His work emphasizes strategies to optimize crop production while reducing energy use through improved lighting and greenhouse control systems, plant mineral nutrition, and plant stress physiology. He has authored or co-authored 52 peer reviewed journal articles and 139 extension articles (bulletins, trade journal articles) and given more than 205 outreach presentations to 10,000+ agriculture industry members. Mattson is director of Cornell’s Controlled Environment Agriculture group.

“Plant physiologists have known for decades how to manipulate plant growth through modification of light spectra and quantity. However, the exciting thing about LED technology is that this knowledge can be applied in a commercially practical way.” – Neil Mattson