Our Team

Christopher P. Levine

Masters Student, Cornell University

Christopher P. Levine is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Horticultural Biology focused on Controlled Environment Agriculture. He received his Bachelor of Science from Cornell University in 2020, where he conducted independent research in the Mattson Lab while competing on the men’s varsity tennis team. Levine has experience in CEA ranging from plant mineral nutrition to lighting and environmental control. Prior to his M.S., Levine conducted research studying the effects of low potassium hydroponic nutrients on baby leaf spinach. Levine has also gained industry experience from Aerofarms, a commercial leader in indoor farming, where he worked as a consultant in their R&D group. Currently, Levine is researching methods to optimize airflow uniformity and control on indoor strawberry production. Levine’s ultimate goal is to advance the indoor farming industry by providing more efficient solutions that allow farmers to grow crops using fewer resource inputs.

“Learning how to optimize the abiotic conditions in controlled environment agriculture operations is exciting because it enables anyone to grow high-quality crops anywhere using fewer pesticides and regardless of the seasons or climate.” – Christopher Levine