GLASE Summit Keynote Explores Frontiers of Dynamic Lighting

The Cornell University Greenhouse Lighting and Systems Engineering (GLASE) consortium is pleased to announce that Dr. Tessa Pocock, Chief Science Officer at Soli Organic, will be headlining the 2024 GLASE Summit as the keynote speaker on November 6, 2024 in Montréal, Quebec, Canada.

Registration Details:
Registration is limited to 100 attendees. To secure your spot in Montréal, select the Register Now button on and choose Individual registration for $100 or bundle individual GLASE membership and 2024 GLASE Summit registration for $250. For more information, contact GLASE Extension Support Specialist Matthew Del Buono at

Summit Keynote Feature: Tessa Pocock, Chief Science Officer at Soli Organic:
Soli Organic is the largest organic herb producer and distributor in the United States, and Tessa is defining their scientific and research strategies to move their growing systems and technology into the future. The Summit keynote presentation will cover dynamic lighting in nature and the greenhouse, circadian rhythms, and sole source lighting. Tessa Pocock is an expert in plant lighting and physiological research and her experience in academia and the private sector will make for an impactful keynote presentation.

Tessa works in horticulture and has over 40 years of practical, business, and academic experience in CEA. She joined Soli Organic three years ago from her position as Director of Light Optimization at Plenty where she worked closely with engineers and growers to develop crop growth and screening protocols, light recipes, and biological sensors. Her overall goal at Soli Organic is to translate fundamental plant science into practical applications and solutions. Tessa is originally from Canada and has lived and worked in Sweden and the United States and has had the opportunity to work with and experience CEA systems worldwide.

More on the GLASE 2024 Summit:
In addition to the keynote, attendees will explore dynamic lighting and systems automation via grower and research panels and industry talks covering new technologies. The Summit will also include a networking event featuring Vivid Canopy, a GLASE program that celebrates and fosters diversity in the controlled environmental agriculture (CEA) industry.

GLASE Industry Advisory Board (IAB) members attend annual Summits for free and access members-only greenhouse tours and an IAB meeting. This year IAB members will visit tomato and strawberry greenhouses and observe dynamic lighting systems in action. The 2024 GLASE Summit is made possible by our anchor sponsor Sollum Technologies.