New CEA Research Programs in US

Join us at the young CEA professors' roundtable! During this conversation, followed by a Q&A section, you will have the opportunity to meet 6 young professors and learn more about their CEA research programs. Presented by: Dr. Kellie Walters (University of Tennessee) Dr. Qingwu Meng (University of Delaware) Dr. Yujing Park (Arizona State University) Dr. […]

Webinar: Optimizing Resource Use Efficiency in CEA System

Webinar presented by Murat Kacira from the University of Arizona An important factor affecting the profitability of vertical farming is a grower’s ability to consistently deliver a predictable product. To achieve this, growers must create an environment that supplies all the crop’s needs over its entire growth cycle by identifying and co-optimizing environmental variables such […]

Webinar: Extended photosynthetically active radiation (ePAR): Evidence for the photosynthetic activity of far-red photons

The photosynthetic activity of far-red photons was discovered 70 years ago, but has largely been ignored since then. Recent research has drawn new attention to the importance of far-red photons. This short presentation will cover the history of research on photosynthetic responses to light spectrum, recent work on the importance of far-red photons, and a […]