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GLASE CEA & Industry Member Benefits

  • Appointment of one individual and one backup individual to the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)
  • Invitation to remotely attend IAB meetings to be held at least quarterly, where updates on the GLASE CONSORTIUM research activities and accomplishments are presented
  • Early notice of invention disclosures and preferential licensing rights to GLASE conceived and developed intellectual property
  • Ability to send company employees to ACADEMIC PARTNER facilities for research, knowledge transfer and new product development.
  • Access to reports of GLASE Research conducted through the GLASE CONSORTIUM
  • Access to available educational programs including short courses, distance courses, workshops, training seminars, research symposia, and webcourses offered by and conducted through the GLASE CONSORTIUM
  • Networking connections with and/or through other GLASE CONSORTIUM members
  • Attend meetings of the GLASE CONSORTIUM where results of research programs are reported
  • Reduced registration rates for GLASE CONSORTIUM events, including research presentations and educational programs
  • Marketing opportunities through GLASE CONSORTIUM activities, including posting a corporate logo on the GLASE CONSORTIUM website and publicity resulting from specific GLASE Industrial Member – GLASE CONSORTIUM collaborations