Funding Opportunities for CEA Energy Efficiency

This webinar will introduce some key funding opportunities to help CEA growers install energy efficient equipment. Growers and manufacturers will learn how to leverage federal, state, and utility funding to identify opportunities for energy efficiency and contribute towards the installation cost of the identified projects. Attendees will also learn about utilizing the joint GLASE/EnSave software […]

USDA-DOE Meeting

Dr. Tessa Pocock from RPI and Dr. Kale Harbick from Cornell attended the USDA-DOE public sessions and participated in the closed-door sessions for group expert discussion. Expert groups included systems engineering, crop breeding, pest management, economics, urban societal effects and sustainability. Pocock and Harbick were part of the systems engineering breakout group and some of […]

Cornell Group Explores Future of Indoor Farming

GLASE principle investigator Neil Mattson and executive director Erico Mattos provided tips on controlled environment agriculture (CEA) to more than 80 entrepreneurs and stakeholders at Cornell University. Mattos spoke on GLASE’s vision of combining the best of academia and industry in support of CEA. The talks were part of a conference focusing on urban agriculture, […]

$2.4 Million Cornell-led Project Explores the Viability of Indoor Agriculture

Controlled environment agriculture—things like greenhouses and vertical farms—have the potential to provide local fresh produce year-round in urban metropolitan areas. But it has never been entirely clear whether the benefits of urban controlled environment agriculture (e.g., lower fuel costs) outweigh the costs (e.g., higher energy use to power lighting systems). GLASE’s Neil Mattson may soon […]

GLASE Director Mattos Wins ASHS Paper of the Year

GLASE Executive Director Erico Mattos was one of the co-authors who received the American Society for Horticultural Sciences Outstanding Cross-Commodity Publication for papers published in 2016. The award was given to the paper A Chlorophyll Fluorescence-based Biofeedback System to Control Photosynthetic Lighting in Controlled Environment Agriculture, published in partnership with a team from the University […]

Pocock, Mattson Present at ASHS Conference

GLASE Principal Investigators Neil Mattson, Cornell University and Tessa Pocock, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), presented talks at the 2017 American Society for Horticultural Sciences Annual Conference September 19-22 at The Hilton Waikoloa in Waikoloa, Hawaii. Mattson presented his team’s findings on the Impact of Green, Far-red, and White Light on Lettuce Grown Under Sole Source […]