Lighting Approaches to Maximize Profits

Supplemental lighting is often necessary for year-round greenhouse production of ornamentals and vegetables. However, the cost of providing supplemental light is high. It is therefore important that supplemental light is […]

LED Basics Applied to Horticulture Lighting Systems

This webinar will first give a brief overview of LED design and manufacturing, including the different types of LEDs used in horticultural lighting. We will then discuss the state of […]

Can far-red light improve plant growth?

When it comes to using artificial light, especially with LEDs, in controlled environment production, growers are primarily using a combination of red and blue light or white light. “Plants under [...]

Consistent Crops Require Consistent Light

DOWNLOAD THIS ARTICLE AS A PDF by Tim Shelford, Kale Harbick Melissa Brechner, Louis Albright and Neil Mattson In commercial greenhouse production, the KEY to acquiring and retaining long-term customers [...]

New Research LED Fixture for Plant Growth

DOWNLOAD THIS ARTICLE AS A PDF by Dr. Robert Karlicek GLASE researchers have developed a specialized LED light fixture for tunable irradiance growth efficiency research (TIGER) designed to examine how [...]

Growing the World’s Food in Greenhouses

Neil Mattson, School of Integrative Plant Science, Horticulture Section, spent his childhood on a farm with flower and vegetable gardens. “If you know how to grow your own food, you’ll […]